Tuesday, November 22, 2011

289: Hairstyle

Ever since my daughter had her hair cut, we have a new morning ritual. Brush, bottle of spray-in conditioner and hair ties in hand, I ask whether she wants a braid, or one or two pigtails. This morning I thought we'd give barrettes a try again. I had two barrettes in mind, one on each side, but she thought we should go with a few more.


  1. Love it! Did you leave it like that for the day?

  2. my hair actually looks a lot like that this AM, since i let S decorate it with the no-slip barrettes grammie bought for A. the two Ss are fashion visionaries.

  3. Ange, she did! Even took her nap with the barrettes in. J, I would have loved to see your hair. Very cute.