Sunday, January 22, 2012

350: Virginia yellow pine

I spent part of the day in the wood studio, rubbing out the finish on these reclaimed Virginia yellow pine counter tops we are making for a client. Rubbing out is the process by which a finish on wood, steel or another material is smoothed and polished. You may remember I used to work as a finishing assistant for a furniture conservator. It's been almost a year since I posted this series of images from that job, including one near the end of some small desk drawers and the sand paper I used in the rubbing out process.

For this particular surface, we used sandpaper and abrasive pads. The lumber used to make the counter tops as well as some shelving (seen in the background) originally served as floor trusses in the client's building. The original hundred year old trusses had to be replaced due to fire damage. We're thrilled to be able to put the wood back to use in the very same building from which it came.

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