Friday, August 5, 2011

180: Out and About

After weeks of temperatures in the upper 90s and above, the kids and I took advantage of today's relatively "cool" 92 degrees by visiting the playground at Mary Munford, a local elementary school, for the first time today. 

I was excited to see this mosaic weather vane, one of the sources of inspiration behind the four seasons mosaic I worked on earlier this year. The art teacher leading the four seasons project studied this piece as part of her preparation for creating the mosaic panels.

We lasted about an hour in the heat and humidity before we retreated to the air conditioning and cold drinks of a local diner. The dark, mirrored interior and funky lights provided a fun opportunity for Blue photos.


  1. great series of images - plus a cute "hand" shot!

  2. I love that you never miss a hand, Tricia! And thank you. :)

  3. I like the nighttime ones. Very cool.

  4. They were so much fun to capture. I took way too many and then had to pare it down to two.