Wednesday, August 31, 2011

206: Alternative Energy

Day 4, no power. It's getting old, and we're all pretty frustrated by this intrusion into our lives, this deprivation of our everyday. We're trying to keep our perspective-- it's not especially cold or hot, the days are long and filled with light, we have clean running water, a stove and most importantly, a way to make coffee. But honestly, I'm tired of reading by candlelight, and the laundry is starting to pile up. 

Did you know a bag of ice only lasts one day, even locked tight in a cooler? I really had no idea. As it melts and fills the cooler, it swamps all the containers at the bottom, so make sure the bottom layer is tall and waterproof. All the stores on our side of town can't keep ice in stock, so finding more is no easy task. We're starting to wonder about running out of cooking fuel, also in short supply at the nearby stores. 

Losing power for an evening is no television, conversation by candlelight, resetting the clocks in the morning. Losing power for a week with young children is rearranging your thinking about all the ways you care for your family and your home, planning for a routine that could last for unknown hours or days or longer, trying to maintain a positive outlook but feeling worried and bogged down by the all the minutiae created by powerless appliances. Among the lessons I'm learning in a new, visceral way this week: the freezer and it's counterpart, the microwave oven are truly a revolution in the kitchen. 

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