Thursday, October 6, 2011

242: View from Dock St.

My daughter and I walked along the completed Richmond section of the Virginia Capital Trail this afternoon. After years of driving by the contraption at the top, I finally learned that it is a raise or lift bridge. The canal lock located to the east of the bridge is no longer in use, and so the bridge has not been raised in many years, but trains continue to use it to cross the canal daily.


  1. I am surprised that "the contraption" is still standing if it is not in use anymore.
    That looks like a great place to roam around! :)

  2. I suppose the train company maintains the bridge, as it is still used daily, so they probably keep an eye on the upper portion as well. We drive down this street on a regular basis-- the kids love the trains, and I love the lack of traffic lights or stop signs. :)