Friday, October 7, 2011

243: Girls Only

At the Children's Museum today, I felt sad for the little boy who reached for the sparkly, fluffy blue dress, only to be told by his mother, "That's for girls," as she pushed it out of his reach and offered a superhero cape in its place. 


  1. That is really heartbreaking! This is a gorgeous picture though <3

  2. Thanks, Heather. It was just the three of us that day, and I overheard more conversations than I usually do when we go with friends. Really highlighted how different my parenting and lifestyle choices are from mainstream Richmond. Thank goodness for my freaky hippie friends! <3

  3. That's so sad about the kid.
    I'm happy for my hippie friends too.

  4. Hmmm... My daughter has a superhero cape (mind you, I made it pink, but it is still a superhero cape!!) and she also has a Star Wars Light Saber. She also loves Transformers. The Mom you saw would hate me! She also probably wouldn't like the fact that the daughter I'm talking about is thirteen! (And very girly even with her love of Star Wars and Transformers!)
    She and her 17 year old sister went to Toys R Us for something to do today and came home with all sorts of foolish photos they took of each other wearing Darth Vader masks, one with Bumblebee and the other with Optimus Prime masks on and playing with Buzz Lightyear toys. One day they are going to get themselves kicked out of the toy store, but in the meantime, they have FUN. And with "boy" toys. :)
    What were the cape and dress for? Was it some dress-up/play area or the gift shop?

  5. What, Angie, your hippie friends aren't freaky?? ;)

    I think I would enjoy your girls, Ange. We were in the dress-up area, although they have a pretty nice selection in the gift shop, too. My son always checks out the shields there.