Friday, June 17, 2011

131: Out of Character

I found this bag at Target for $2.50. Two dollars and fifty cents! For that price, I thought it worth trying something new, something completely outside of the realm of my usual style. I'm not a purse person by nature, but as a mom with a daily photography project, I need to carry my camera with me in a way that provides some level of protection. I like the way this bag stands up on its own, and the open top provides easy access to the camera, or my keys, or the kids' sunblock.

Editing photos to this obvious level also feels out-of-character for me, but on days that we don't leave the house, I'm enjoying the challenge of creating an interesting moment out of the every day objects around me.


  1. Motherhood + photography = big-ass purses. This one looks pretty sturdy.

    On the editing front, I don't think it's glaringly obvious. I'm guessing some saturation (esp greens/blues) and sharpening, but wouldn't have thought twice if you hadn't mentioned it. I resisted editing until a friend pointed out that sometimes how you capture something isn't how you saw it. It's also absolutely OK to create something that looks different from reality!

  2. Beautiful vivid blue, love it!

  3. Jess, I like that way of looking at editing. And I'm not opposed to editing, just still in learning mode, so I'm not as confident putting something that seems obviously edited (to me) out there. I maxed out the contrast on this one, which is not something I've tried before. I really like the effect.

    Thanks, Jehan. :)