Sunday, June 19, 2011

133: Stormy Weather

I can't decide if this picture is better off with an explanation or without it. So here's fair warning. If you don't want to see behind the mask, read no further.

This is a string of lights reflected in a puddle on a smooth, black table after a rainstorm today. I inverted the colors on Picnik and it captures my dark, grumpy mood on a long, grey day more accurately than the original.


  1. Thanks, Beth!

    So Aj, does the explanation make the image less undecipherable, or actually add to your viewing experience?

  2. This was something I read a week or two ago that might apply:

    I like to look at an image or other artwork first, absorb it if I can, then read what is written about it. If my interpretation was "wrong" then that just becomes part of the experience. Clued in to what the artist intended, it can help interpret the next piece if it's a set.

  3. Interesting article, Charles. The more I think on this, the more I think that *not* explaining it would have made the image weaker.

  4. I feel the same way about titles. Sometimes it is better to approach things without knowing lot about it. I like it with and without the explanation. (I could NOT have not read it though, once you warned me. It was compulsory after the warning!)

    The image is lovely either way, though. It has a lot of finesse and fragility.