Monday, June 20, 2011

134: Neon

I've been toying with the "neon" feature on Picnik but so far the effect has been pretty cheesy. Today I hit on the type of image that would work best for the idea I had in mind. I could have played with this all evening, but stopped myself at four photos. Items are named at the bottom of the post.

Knife block, light bulb, pie tin, dish cloth.


  1. I thought that the dishcloth was something (I hadn't decided what) that had a pattern of lips all over it! Wow, I was wayyyyyyyy off! I had the light bulb right.

  2. The pie tin has a very organic vibe... I thought it might be ice crystals at first.

  3. Ange, I see the lips, now that you have pointed them out to me!

    Tricia, I had high hopes for the pie tin, but it came out even better than I expected.

    The pie tin and the dishcloth are my favorites.