Saturday, December 3, 2011

300: Christmas Parade

We took the kids to their first parade this weekend. By happy coincidence, the parade happened to fall on the 300th day of my project.

These first three images are the crowd milling about, waiting for the parade to reach our section of the route.

Neither my husband nor I had been to a parade in many, many years. I think I was marching in the high school band at my last parade.

The Star Wars 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion were, of course, the family favorite.

More here if you like.


  1. What did the kids think?

    Neither Sam nor I could stand marching in parades -- they were the bane of our marching band experiences. I wonder if all bands feel that way or just most of them. Or is it better in Richmond, which is at least 10* warmer than where we grew up? I do enjoy watching them and feeling the cadence as they pass, though.

  2. I felt the same way about marching band. Awful ill-fitting polyester uniforms, freezing cold morning practices and football games, which were their own sort of private hell. Come to think of it, parades might have been the only part I *did* like. Except I think it was usually steaming hot instead of cold. I still got a little choked up talking to the kids about it as the first one went by, though.

  3. i'm a band geek so hard core that i went on to march two years of drum & bugle corps, but i totally agree that marching in parades did suck. but, i tell you, hearing a drum line really stirs my soul. marching percussion rulez!

  4. Percussion is where it's at in a marching band.