Thursday, December 22, 2011

319: Adventures in 365 Photography Projects

I've been pushing myself more during the second half of my project to get into the nitty gritty of SLR photography: shutter speed and aperture. This was the scene from my back window this morning, the darkest image I've ever attempted to capture. The resulting shutter speed was dramatically slower than I imagined it would be.

Later in the day, I drove through a rough neighborhood with my children on the way from one errand to another and stopped to capture this image. Early  on in the project, I considered a few themes that are important to me that I might cover in my project as an attempt to affect those situations. The poverty in my city, and this neighborhood in particular, was one area I strongly considered. As a stay-at-home mother with two very young children, I decided this was not the year to tackle such a project, but I'm storing the idea away for possible future use.


  1. These are gorgeous.

  2. That first photo is both beautiful and a little spooky at the same time.