Friday, May 27, 2011

110: Fountain of Rebellion

Hit the pedestrian mall fountain for the first time of the season today. Discovered that I still have that ol' rebellious streak, at least as far as mall cops are concerned. They busted me twice. Soon after we arrived, a yellow-shirted man on a Segway rolled up to me and asked me to put my shoes back on. Later, another yellow shirt told me I wasn't allowed to photograph the stores. "They get really upset when you do that." I'm not sure which was more refreshing, the water or seeing that I can still ruffle some feathers.


  1. Haha, rebel with a camera.

  2. The reflections are fun, and I like the way you framed the first one and the expression on the kid's face.

    I hate ruffling feathers!

  3. The top picture is awesome!
    You rabble-rouser!

  4. Kat and Angie, you nailed me. ;)

    The framing in the top shot is trickled down from my experience with the privacy concerns of the school during the mosaic project. So I was going for feet, and this little guy (happily for me) stuck his hand and face into my shot.

  5. Love the top photo - great eye!

  6. You know it, Heather. ;)

    Thanks, Tricia!