Sunday, May 8, 2011

91: Mother's Day

It all started with measuring the donuts from Country Style Donuts. My son took his measuring tape with him to the store and measured while he was there, but decided to double check at home.

After "breakfast dessert," we worked in the garden for a few hours. Sorry to say there is no photographic evidence of our efforts today.

After lunch, we headed down to the River District in the hopes of catching a ride on a Canal Cruise. The 2 p.m. tour was packed full, so we decided to explore the area in the hopes that we could kill an hour without losing the attention of our little ones.

I drive by this bank of electrical meters almost every day and have long wanted to photograph them. This isn't quite the angle I had in mind, but I was limited by the privacy fence around them. I'm calling the LED light around the two smart meters in the foreground blue.

We stopped at Shockoe Espresso for a treat: cookie or "cooko", depending on how you pronounce it, for the kids and, of course, cold coffee for their perpetually tired parents. As we walked over the threshold, my son made my day when he yelled out, "They have a mosaic sign!" 

We managed to fill the 60 minutes in relative peace and happiness, and boarded the next boat at 3 p.m. If you haven't been on the cruise, considered yourself warned: quarters are tight on these tours! 

Another shot to check off my to-do list. We can see this marina where the tour boats are housed on our regular drive, and I often wish for the time to stop and take a few photos. I got a lot closer today than I would on foot from the Virginia Capital Trail along Dock Street.

Of course I couldn't resist taking a shot of this window display at a Japanese restaurant on the walk back to the car. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mamas out there! I hope your days were filled with love and joy and above all, appreciation for all your efforts.


  1. Do you think that donut shop would ship to Rochester? -CK

  2. Mmmm, country style donuts...
    I like how the electric meters came out.

  3. Chris, it's worth a shot! Although... wasn't there a trip south planned??

    Angie, thank you! Anytime I see a lot of something, especially if it's not usually seen in those quantities, I feel the urge to photograph it.