Tuesday, May 3, 2011

86: Grout

We grouted two pieces today! Here the students and a parent volunteer are cleaning grout out of incised lines in the tiles and clearing off lower or thinner tiles that were covered over during the grouting process.

Spring, grouted. The grout color will lighten fairly significantly to a soft silvery gray within 24 hours or so as it dries.

Fall, grouted. Not all mosaics are grouted, but when used, it serves two purposes: to seal between the tiles, thus protecting them, and to visually pull the mosaic together, creating a more cohesive finished piece.

Fall detail.

Summer detail. This was the last area needing to be filled in on this panel. I love the flock of geese, and note the life cycle of the frog represented in the pond.

Winter, with detail below.

Next and possibly last day for me on this project is Friday. Hoping to finish grouting the last two panels that day.


  1. In addition to the sheer beauty and awesomeness of this project, I'm so impressed with the amount of academic curriculum connections! I'm familiar with the science SOL standards K-3 and SO many are represented in these mosaics! Props to the art teacher for her curriculum integration, and to you for helping to make it happen! :)

  2. Yay! Jessa, I'm so excited you noticed the SOL stuff, as that is an important part of the design.

    Thanks, Amy! This really is such a great opportunity for these kids, isn't it? And not to mention the artist. ;)