Tuesday, July 26, 2011

170: Wax Stained Glass

I've been saving broken bits of crayon since my son first started drawing with them as a toddler three years ago. Today we attempted our first crafty project with them, making "stained glass" with crayon shavings, wax paper and an iron.

Once we felt we had enough crayon shavings, my son decided to draw the shape of a butterfly in the pile. My original plan was to make separate piles for each color, but I hoped to finish this project while my daughter napped, and she takes extremely short naps. 


Mixing the colors all together proved more efficient, but they bled together more than I expected when we applied the iron. At first we were both disappointed that the butterfly shape was entirely lost in the melting process, but the closer we looked, the more beauty we saw in the blended colors. And we have an ever-increasing wealth of broken crayon bits to work with, so we have ample opportunity to experiment.


  1. love this! and i also have been saving broken crayon bits for the last few years with the plan to eventually make new crayon squares with them, but this looks like more fun...

  2. Yeah, we've tried coloring with homemade crayons and they didn't work very well. I feel like there is lots of room for exploration and growth with this technique.

  3. I loved doing this as a kid...it's a great childhood memory of mine.

  4. I've been trying to get my son to try again, but he's not into so far. He got his first burn on this project (not a bad one), and I think he feels sort of skittish now.