Friday, July 29, 2011

173: Fill

Coffee is one of my favorite sensory experiences. We grind the beans and fill the pot in the evening as part of the kitchen clean up. The dark aroma of the grounds creates a craving for a cup, no matter how late the hour. First thing in the morning, whichever parent awakens first starts the pot brewing. We anxiously await the burbling noise that signifies the end of the brewing as we sort out breakfast for the kids. Morning with early-rising children usually finds me feeling a bit fragile and harried, but that first sip of slightly sweet, slightly creamy, fresh-brewed coffee fills me with hope and fortitude for the day ahead.


  1. You actually make coffee sound GOOD! (To someone who doesn't like it)

    When you are in the market for a new coffee maker, you might want to consider getting one that grinds your beans for you, then brews your coffee right away. They have timers too so you can set it to go off when you wake up! (But the noise will startle you awake the first few mornings!) That is what we have for Hubby and my daughter and they love it.

  2. That's quite a compliment, Ange. :) And a good suggestion for our next coffee maker, which is hopefully some years down the road (for environmental and financial reasons).