Wednesday, February 23, 2011

17: Sunlit Oranges and Winter Pool

Going on day 3 stuck at home with one sick kid and one cranky toddler, I felt pretty uninspired this morning. As I sipped my coffee, I stared at a stick of butter on a blue plate and blearily wondered if I could do something with that. Fortunately, my daughter brought an orange to me, begging me to peel it for her. I set the prepared orange on the kitchen table, and the slices glowed in the bright winter sunlight. 

Second pleasant surprise of the day came when I dropped a few bins of clothes and toys off to sell at The Clothesline Consignment Sale, coming up this weekend. I took my camera with me, just in case. As it happens, the pool at the community center where the sale is held featured lots of blue. Bonus challenge: all these were shot through the chain link fence around the pool.


  1. Love the light on the oranges and the contrast with the blue plate, and WTG on great through-the-links shots, esp the steps with the numbers. Those look like they'd be great for an hour or more of shooting on their own.

  2. Thanks, guys! Jess, I agree the steps call for a longer shoot. They were the first part I came to, though, and I had limited time. I am finding that I often feel rushed when I find something I want to photograph. Trying to see it as a challenge rather than a frustration.