Saturday, February 19, 2011

13: An Angry Stork, a Tired Houseguest and Some Robots

What's up with this guy? He seems so angry. Yet another subject that may be seen again. I think yellow fruit, pears in particular, are so pretty in this bowl and its companions, but I've never quite captured it just the way I want.

My sister's dog is staying with us while she's traveling over the next few days. Poor pooch has been so patient and good-natured with the kids' well-meaning but slightly heavy-handed affections. Even the mean old cat seems to have it out for her, stealing her bed then hissing when she comes around. No wonder she's tuckered out!

My husband made these sweet little robots when our oldest was still a baby. He intended for them to be played with and they're pretty sturdy guys. But, well, let's just say they used to have antennae.

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