Friday, February 11, 2011

5: Neglect, Lovebirds and a Roadblock

I'm thoroughly impressed that this ivy has managed not only to survive but thrive in the years since my oldest was born. Even this hardy plant shows evidence of lack of attention though. The books are ones we moved to the top of the bookshelf during our earliest baby-proofing days. They're covered in dust, falling over, and have probably been mistakenly watered a few times.

I think I can do better with this lovely sugar bowl, but there's something that appeals to me in this first attempt.

While driving one-handed and maintaining a running stream-of-consciousness conversation with my two littles in the back seat, I managed to grab my camera out of the bag on the passenger seat and capture this police car as we passed by. At the next moment, I realized the road we were traveling was blocked off and I was forced to make a hard left and find a new way to our destination.

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