Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9: Spiderman to the Rescue, Elixirs, and Out-of-Season Sledding

I'll admit I was a little worried when my excited son came running into the kitchen to tell me that Spiderman was climbing the television in the next room. Turns out my fears were unfounded (this time). Of course I had to take advantage of the moment to capture this bit of blue.

These tiny jars are mementos from my husband's childhood. I'm fascinated by their brilliant colors and unusual shapes. I'm not terribly excited or satisfied by this attempt, so I suspect we'll be seeing them again.

We bought this sled for our kids after living through several unusually heavy snowfalls for our area without any of the usual snow gear those from colder climes take for granted, including shovels, brushes and even boots. What do you know, there's been no snow since we brought the sled home.

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