Saturday, February 26, 2011

20: J.O.B.

Last Saturday, I looked around my job and noticed a lot of blue, potentially photographic moments. So I dubbed this week, "Take Your Camera to Work Week." Only problem, my normally quiet-on-the-weekends workplace was hoppin' today. And I have performance anxiety when it comes to taking photos.

In point of fact, one of my goals in this project is to face that particular demon down.  But c'mon, we're just starting out here. Can't I face that demon next week, or better yet, next month? Which is precisely what I was thinking when I took these few photos on a quick break when I was alone in the building.

For the most part, I'm not particularly satisfied with the results of Take Your Camera to Work Week, although I do like this last one. I wonder if I'd gone ahead and faced that Performance Anxiety Monster, would I be more impressed?

On another note, I'm thinking about a silly game called "Guess My Job." Can you guess what I do, if you don't know already, based on the pictures I post on Saturdays (sometimes Sundays)? Here's a clue from a few weeks ago.

Back at home, in the bosom of my family, where I can take whatever crazy photo I want to without worrying what anybody's thinking. My husband turned the light on as he walked into the room during the shoot, wondering what I was doing in the dark. I turned to him with a disgruntled "Dude!" and without a word, he  turned the light off and walked the rest of the way into the room. At home, I own myself as "photographer." Out in the world, still a work in progress.


  1. I giggled imagining the scene you described at the end. So classic -- you just gotta channel the "Dude!" for your out in the world excursions.

  2. I like that imagery, channeling the "Dude!" I'll have to remember that next time I'm out and about.

  3. i really like the one with the covered furniture where just one is under a blue tarp. i look forward to hearing how you face the monster and to seeing the impact on your work!

  4. Thanks, Jacqui. Kyle was quite taken with that one too. I don't think it's my strongest, but he felt the way they are so close to the ceiling throws you off a little, shakes things up. I think I've just seen that particular view too many times to really appreciate it.

  5. Love the moving blankets, they have such great color & texture. So much blue in the world!

    Have to laugh at the last scene. Dan has come to expect finding me in strange places with the camera. Even the kids find it to be normal, and I think my neighbors do now, too. You can stretch your artist bubble!

  6. I worried at first that blue would be too easy, and considered picking a color that might be harder to find, like purple or orange. But I think if the color were more rare, finding it would be the challenge, not taking creative, inviting pictures.

    That's a good perspective on stretching the artist bubble. Start with family, move to friends, maybe get to co-workers toward the end. ;)