Monday, April 4, 2011

57: A Couple of Stops

First stop, the library. Space and space exploration is one my son's favorite sections lately.

Cell tower behind the library.

Second stop, doctor's office for a well visit for my daughter. I managed to take us to the wrong office first, where I saw this pile of unwanted phone books. Such a wasteful publication. I tried to opt out this year, but I don't think the delivery person got the message.

Third stop, the correct doctor's office. Very grateful they could fit us in despite our 30 minute late arrival. Wrangling two kids and what feels like six hundred bags of miscellaneous preparedness is not my idea of a worthy way to spend a sunny 85 degree day. But since we were already doing it, I'm glad we didn't have to reschedule.

Couch in the infant area of the waiting room, shot through the privacy glass wall.

At last! The exam room.

We had a little time to read and snuggle in these chairs before the doctor came in, a nice way to wind down from the frenzy of the previous hour and a half.


  1. I actually saw someone pull out a phone book and (attempt to) use it the other day. She was from my grandparents' generation. Sadly, the business we were looking for was hard to track down and not in the book.

  2. I've actually found businesses in the yellow pages that I could not find online, but the last time was at least two years ago.