Wednesday, April 27, 2011

80: Frantic Pace

Only two days left of my "residency." We were hoping to have the tiles laid on all four panels by now so they would be ready to grout tomorrow. We are far from that goal, but I am still impressed by how far we have come. The Summer tree, the third to be completed, was finished in half the time we took to create the Spring tree.

You can see just how many people working at once, round the clock throughout the school day, it takes to get so much done. At this point, each adult (teacher, parent volunteer or myself) can manage anywhere from two to five students, depending on age and grade level. In fact, it works out to about the same number of students at one time as their grade level, so five fifth graders at once, as you can see in the above photo.

The need to complete as much as possible this week sets a pace that doesn't allow for much (any) photography while the students are in class. I took a very quick break while the extremely self-sufficient fifth graders worked to take these two shots of the kids at work.

Spring tree at the end of the day. Hoping to finish this panel tomorrow. Just a little left to fill in the grass in the mid- and foreground and the bottom portion of the sky. The sunrise sky is not working out quite as we envisioned, but so far everything has pulled together really well once the entire area is filled in, so we remain optimistic.

Spring tree detail.  I am thrilled with the color of the grass and the way it pulls the foreground together.

Fall tree.

Summer tree. This is just two days work!

Tomorrow we start on the Winter tree. 


  1. This project inspires. Congratulations on a job (job!!!) well done.

  2. Thank you! That gives me lots of warm fuzzies. :)