Sunday, April 10, 2011

63: Dancing and Flowers

Today we took the kids to the Global Sounds Festival at the University of Richmond. We heard Middle Eastern and Bulgarian music, as well as a bossa nova and samba ensemble.

The man and woman on the right in this image are the drummer and singer from Lyuti Chushki, the Bulgarian group, dancing to some fantastic Middle Eastern music performed by an ensemble from William and Mary.

Here Lyuti Chushki is playing in the background.

Members of the audience dancing to Lyuti Chushki.

Before we left, we discovered the Garden of the Five Lions, a sweet little courtyard with a fountain tucked in between buildings. I could only find four lions. I'll have to make another trip some time to find the fifth one.


  1. I see my friends Shari and Erin in there! :D

  2. Small world, Heather! The woman in pink did a little solo dance during the Middle Eastern portion. I loved her bright shirt and flouncy skirt.

  3. I had hoped to go, but was overruled by my three. Bah. Wish I'd known to tell them that their cousins would be there!

    One of my professors from W&M plays in the ME ensemble, I think. She's awesome on an ud.

  4. That would be Shari! She is an amazing dancer :D

  5. That would have been great to see you guys there, Jess! We'll have to arrange an alternative. The W&M group was my favorite. Wish we had arrived a little earlier-- we only saw about 15 minutes of their performance.

    Heather, I could tell that Shari can *really* dance. She looked great just participating in an audience line dance!