Sunday, April 17, 2011

70: Trip to the Big Box Hardware Store

Trying to capture some of the full moonlight last night. Of the three windows facing in the right direction, this was the most interesting view. I really like how it worked out. The way the shadow falls over the box is just right, and the white circle over the laundry even looks like a full moon.

Our decrepit kitchen faucet finally bit the dust earlier this week. The replacement we chose is basically the same as the old one. I keep thinking we should have been more daring and tried something new, but I liked the old one and it fit our budget. So there you go.

I like all the reflections here and could have spent a lot more time working out this shot. But between the kids and the store employees, I felt rushed.

I cannot begin to tell you what joy it gave me to see these carts so neatly arranged. Although I was a little surprised to see them still in this position late morning on a spring weekend.


  1. That bottom shot is a nice arrangement!

  2. Another organizational junkie. ;0