Saturday, April 30, 2011

83: Back to Reality

Reality, as in, the regular, non-mosaic Saturday job.

I swear there is a smidge of blue paint to the left of the chair. Click on it to see the large (huge) version if you want to be sure. This surprise encounter in the alley on the way to work was too wonderful not to share.

Sweet little lonely barrette. As long as you're clicking on photos, go ahead with this one, too. I think it reads better in a larger version.

Closing up shop at the end of the season. This is next door to my job.


  1. Forget the spot of paint. There's some blue sky or a blue building in the reflection off the base of the chair. The real question for me is, what IS that chair? I'm getting a Little Shop vibe from it...

  2. There's a tatto and piercing shop around the corner (Lucky 13), and I assume it came from there. Seriously, even if it's broken, they can't just put it in the *trash*! I love the light reflecting off the base and wish I had spent more time focusing on that.

  3. That chair is so odd/neat.

    I like the barrette picture.

  4. Thanks, Angie. The chair was an exciting find, but I like how the barrette picture came out better.