Tuesday, April 19, 2011

72: Chimborazo

My son asked me to "help" him make this ball from his Flexeez yesterday. To be fair, he makes lots of other cool stuff from them, and this five pointed star takes a few minutes for an adult to figure out how it works.

I decided we needed another outing today and took the kids to Chimborazo Park

After we explored the historic area of the park, we checked out the community garden founded by Tricycle Gardens. This project has inspired a new admiration of lawn ornaments for me.

I expected we'd spend some time on the playground, but the kids were excited by the bike riders and basketball players taking advantage of beautiful weather during spring break. So we spent most of our playground time watching them on the basketball court-cum-skate park.

Treehouse on the walk back to the car.

We parked next to this beautiful house. Wouldn't you like to see these windows from the inside?

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  1. YES! I always think about what the insides of places look like.