Thursday, April 7, 2011

60: Rushing

I'm realizing over the past couple of days that my children, especially the toddler, create an extra challenge for this project. I often find myself rushing to just get the shot, any shot, before my daughter falls off a chair, or walks into the shot, or grabs the object and runs off with it. Like all challenges, this rushing has both advantages and disadvantages. It keeps me on my toes, teaches me to work fast. But I wonder at times, like today, if I'm skimming the surface, missing something far more interesting that will only come to light with more focussed consideration.


  1. You just totally wrote down exactely what I was thinking today. While I don't think there is anything wrong with sometimes taking the easy route on a project like this (especially for those of us with kids), I know that I am capable of more than I'm doing sometimes. But, on the other hand, I'm not always sure that my 365 project is the venue to push myself in creatively. Isn't a daily project like this meant to do just what you said, to keep you on your toes and learning to work fast, and in general to keep the creative muscles toned?

    All that to say, don't sweat it, your pictures are great, and maybe when time allows you will have a chance to swim below the surface.

  2. Thanks, Meg. It's good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this! And I do try to give myself some wiggle room. Honestly, if I can post one or two really great shots a week, that's doing pretty good. But I still beat myself up a little the other days. ;)

  3. catching up on posts i've missed...
    yes! i feel this way every day!! then sometimes when looking through them, the one i like the most is not necessarily the "best" or "prettiest" (like "mania", from 1/5~ that blurred shot totally sums up a bday at chuck e cheese to me).
    of course, i am still learning, so even my "failures" are lessons... or that's what i tell myself, at least. ;-)

  4. My failures are often the best, most effective lessons. And I love when I end up liking something I expected to trash better than the "good" shot. Helps me break out of the routine, you know?