Saturday, April 23, 2011

76: Eggs and Earth

You expected this, right? More tomorrow, I'm sure.

This was our first attempt at egg dyeing with our kids. Given the constant need to pull the toddler away from cracked eggs and spilled cups of dye, I can see why we waited so long with our older child.

Finally made it to the Richmond Earth Day Festival this year, though only for an hour. Can we talk about the awesome gold and pink pattern here? This is the Helping Hands booth.

I thought this apt for this project, considering the tremendous sense of community it has engendered for me.

Wind chimes made from reused/ repurposed trash at our friend's booth in the kids' activities section.

Musical instruments in the same area. The washboard is a repurposed instrument!

Part of the wind chimes from a different angle. 

Main music stage.

Farm to Family bus. Outside...

...and inside.

Banjo player singing his heart out while a fan records the performance.

We did not devote nearly enough time to this awesome festival. I can't wait to go back next year, with kids each a year older and a better sense of what is where. As is so very typical of this type of event, I came away feeling frustrated that I didn't get close to all the shots I wanted to get, but the nine here plus a few others is really more than enough. Perhaps I should take the Monument 10K experience to heart, and devote only 15 minutes to documenting this type of experience. I was so busy taking pictures (and looking for the rain barrel booth) that I missed the tactile experience of the festival.