Monday, April 18, 2011

71: 22nd St. Rocks

I wanted to hike today, and my son wanted to visit a playground. So we settled on the 22nd St. entrance to the James River Park, as there is a playground across the street from the park entrance. Perfect to hit the trail for a short hike, then spend some time on the jungle gym, right?

Not exactly. There were too many stairs and long stretches with nothing much to see. And today the river was the highest I have ever seen  it on a clear, dry day. The combination of short legs, lack of interesting sights, rushing water and a solo parent hoping to photodocument the event led to a remarkably short hike.

At least these guys planned their afternoon well. They look so absolutely relaxed.

Apartment building near the playground.

Bench just outside the playground.

I don't know if anyone ever questions this, but there is blue in every single photo I post as part of this project. Can you find it?


  1. Ok, I'll admit, I sometimes think, wait, where's the blue? And I'm wondering about that (cute) bench - is there a smudge?

    The water was HIGH today, I noticed while crossing the Huguenot bridge that it's over the banks on this property that I often covet (hammock on riverbank...can you imagine?). Kudos for braving solo parenting, not to mention solo parenting with camera along!

  2. The "Where's Waldo" of blue. Yes, we do check up on you.

    A smudge or an older layer of paint revealed near the leg. What a friendly bench.

    I see train cars like that almost daily from my perch at work. It makes you wonder where they were painted, among other things. I've thought about sitting next to the tracks and just snapping them as they go by to find the gems later. That type of thing will have to wait until I have capable camera again. Hopefully not too far away now...

  3. Yep, it's the paint on the right side of the bench. It's a strange little park there. I thought the playground was kind of lame, but it was declared AWESOME by the users. And it does have a fence around it, always a bonus with a toddler.

    Charles, what's the story with your camera??

  4. No exciting story. My first digital camera wore out some years ago and shortly after that I bought Emma a nice point and shoot camera to replace her aging film camera. So we've gotten by fine with snapshots but you can't really DO anything with it. Your project inspired me to post-process some of my old shots and start thinking about photography again.

  5. Hooray for inspiration! I've really enjoyed your old shots, and look forward to your return to photography, whenever that may be. Our (okay, *my*) current camera went on the fritz about three or four months after we got it. Using the point-and-shoot while the DSLR was in the shop, I felt like my thumbs had been amputated. Yet at the same time, the new camera has given me a newfound respect for just how much smaller cameras are capable of.