Tuesday, March 1, 2011

23: Sprouts and an Homage, Part I

My husband and son re-created the classic botany experiment: wrap a bean in a paper towel, keep it moist, watch it sprout. They subjects of the experiment include pinto, kidney and black beans. The black was first to make an above-the-cup appearance. I'm hoping to get a group shot in the next few days.

My next door neighbors are moving soon. They conveniently painted one room blue, so I'm taking this last minute opportunity to document some of my favorite spots in the room.


  1. That's a neat shade of blue, and a different shade than you are usually drawn to. Are you noticing blue everywhere? You've made me notice it more than I did before (and it's my favorite color).

  2. I agree, it's my favorite color and I like seeing all of the shades. The gray hues fit my mood today anyway. Can we talk about the teeth?

  3. I really do see blue everywhere now. It's exciting-- there are so many moments for me to explore. And it's funny, sometimes, trying to decide if the shade is to green or, occasionally, too purple to call "blue." I've been thinking that after a while, it might be fun to do a Guest Color Week.

    Amy, that's a cool, humorous, slightly disturbing pair of sculptures by a friend of the neighbors. You can see why I couldn't let it leave without a photo.