Monday, March 14, 2011

36: Mirror, Mirror

I'm on a mirror kick lately. This one has a frame made my husband. He nearly traded it away at one point but it's one of my favorite pieces and I wouldn't let it go. The items shown in the mirror are his odds and ends, too. The tall white object in the background is an art school project, a tiny chair attached to a long rope ladder and balanced atop a rocket ship. The colorful sculpture next to the rocket was an exchange he made with one of his instructors. And thank goodness! The instructor took a lovely but huge steel piece off our hands that would have been a nightmare to lug around. The black and white piece on the left is a vase he made in middle school, while the item at the front is a rubber band ball he made from scratch.

Whenever I empty or load the dishwasher with my daughter around, she pulls out the flatware and runs off with the cups. So I try to redirect her with a distraction. Since toddlers are such fans of imitation (or mirroring, wink wink), I'll often pull out the kids' collection of toy dishes. I love the light coming through this masher, but here's another image that shows the items involved a little more clearly.


  1. I still covet that sculpture made by the instructor. I need to ask K how to start a rubber band ball. We have a ton of them around here.

    I spot a whole lot of circles in that masher. Happy Pi Day!

  2. Big fan of the masher pics and I'm glad you won;t let that mirror go!

  3. Didn't even think about the circles in the masher. Funny. That's my eldest niece's birthday, so it sort of trumps Pi Day at our house.