Saturday, March 19, 2011

41: Hermitage and W. Marshall

Some of the sights on the way home from work. The brand name and nature of this product in this setting struck me on several levels.

Wish I could have seen this company's product. I picture shiny leisure suits.

 In the late 19th century, Richmond  was at the forefront of innovative public transportation with the first electric trolley system in the United States. Here it is today, the original track disconnected, cut short and paved over, while its attenuated descendant bus system gets weaker every year.

My son and I have noticed that firefighters seem to bring the trucks out more often when the sun is shining.

Yard sale. Love the analog clock on the Space Age-style television.


  1. A store full of shiny leisure suits! How could that ever go out of business ;)

  2. Great day for a walk and some nice finds.

    That door below the sign fits it so well. You can almost see that pattern decorating some polyester. :)

  3. Mmmm leisure suits. Cool photos.

  4. I love the leisure suit doors and the way you captured them. What a lovely image.

  5. So the Lounge Wear building is behind the Sauer's factory on Broad/ on the same road that leads to the back entrance of the Pleasant's parking lot. I've often thought it would make a great 70s themed nightclub. Fielden's is right across Broad St.-- let the club hopping begin!