Thursday, March 31, 2011

53: Children's Museum

You probably don't need the post title to tell you where my daughter and I went today. I've never gone with just her before. (Shh, don't tell my son we went without him.) Following one child around the museum was slightly more manageable than both of them, but I wouldn't say that keeping up with a busy, over-stimulated toddler in this place is ever truly "easy."

The subject matter was largely determined by my daughter. What you see are the areas where she paused long enough for me to compose the shot and push the shutter button.

 I absolutely love the bite marks in the A at the bottom of this one. This is so familiar at our house. When my son was younger, we ended up throwing out a set of foam bath toys because we were finding torn off bits in, ah, "surprising" places. Now he has a construction set that includes some foam panels and we're constantly hiding them from my daughter.

This is the same set of blocks as above. When we came back by this room, I found them set up like this.

Not even the Children's Museum is off limits in my exploration of voyeurism.

The positioning of this truck gave me the sense that it was abandoned in the desert.

This trip was pretty satisfying for me, personally, despite the harried rushing around. Our last visit to the museum took place before I started this project. I remember looking around for something interesting to photograph and finding nothing that inspired me. I think it may have been an off day in general, but the focus provided by the project and the habit of finding (hopefully) interesting moments wherever I am, every day, paid off today. 


  1. The bite marks made me laugh! An all too familiar scene :)

  2. Hooray for focusing on art paying off in being more aware of the little moments!

    I adore the letters shot, the composition is great and I can see it framed on a wall, bite marks and all. EW to surprising places for foam. We have stress-relief types of toys (squishy animals) that experienced a similar fate. Blech.