Tuesday, March 29, 2011

51: Abandoned

Another house we drive by on the way to preschool. There are houses like this in so many otherwise well-kept, well-loved neighborhoods throughout Richmond.

I like the textures and layers in this shot.

In my search for an old article on the subject of abandoned buildings in Richmond, I came across two different sites that had the effect of deflating my sense of exploration. But let's be honest, how much urban exploration can I do on the way to preschool, leaving the kids in the running car, listening to (what else?) Ironman, while I sprint off to snap a few shots?

I also came across this recent article, which lends some hope for local homes and buildings like this one.


  1. Some time ago I came across a photo tour of Six Flags New Orleans, abandoned since Katrina. Very high on the creepy list, though I think the old asylums like the one in your link might take the prize.

    I'm with you on the textures ... but I really like the in-your-face one above it.

  2. Thanks, Charles. I thought that picture (the top one) summarized the crux of it. I bet there are a lot of places like Six Flags in New Orleans. :(

  3. The first picture is so awesome. Have you explored the hydroelectric plant on Belle Isle? Great graffiti and interesting textures/objects there. I find your first link exciting, not deflating - think of all the hidden treasures in the world, and the different points of view that each explorer has!

  4. Yes, I agree re: the hydroelectric plant. Haven't been in a while, it may be time to make a trip-- but only with a second parents along!