Thursday, March 24, 2011

46: More Yards and More Friends

Some yards in a friend's neighborhood. And you know what that means? We not only got out of the house today, we actually saw someone outside our family of four! Very exciting after a month of illness.


Do you see the teeny tiny gnome?

A restaurant we saw on the way home. Of course I had to pull over for a minute. I just adore the blue tile roof.

For the second time this week, a friend has surprised me with material for my projects. These tiny mirror tiles came in the mail today and will look great in a mosaic some day. I feel grateful and honored to be surrounded by friends, near and far, who understand and support me. Thank you.


  1. I almost didn't see her at first, but I love how the cat is framed by the chair legs.

  2. I've been thinking I need more people in my photos. But I'm not quite ready to photograph strangers. And I'm not sure I have the personality to do so. In the meantime, animals will suffice!

  3. Some of your best shots are of your kids when they aren't aware of the camera. I think candid shots of strangers is a natural fit for you.

  4. Thanks, Aj. It's really helpful to get some outside perspective on my strengths (and weaknesses). Do I have to talk to the strangers? It's not taking the pictures that worries me, it's them noticing me and the ensuing conversation. Maybe I'll get there, over the course of the next 44 weeks.