Wednesday, March 30, 2011

52: Flea Market

I stopped by a neglected old shopping center not too far from my house today, thinking it might make for an interesting photo shoot. To my surprise, it looks like the Great Big Flea Market is closed for business. They had only been in this location a short while, in the sort of location that goes empty for long stretches. I always meant to check it out and now it seems I've lost my chance.

You can see in the window reflection the empty parking lot and Family Dollar, one of the three other businesses in this shopping center. The other spots go to one of the inexplicably numerous crab and fish shops on the east end of town, and the Sportsman's Bar and Grille, which I later discovered is biker friendly and serves surprisingly large portions.

I'm still a little unsure about the situation here. This doesn't have the look of a decidedly closed business, and the flea market's website certainly has an "open for business" tone. But the lack of signage that I swear was up  within the last few weeks certainly suggests they closed up shop. Which is disappointing for an area of town that has been in need of an economic recovery  long before the current downturn in the national economy. 

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