Monday, March 7, 2011

29: Chaos and Perfection

This book is overdue at the library. I thought I had renewed it, but I got an email today telling me otherwise. Turns out there was a hold on it and the online renewal never went through, but I didn't notice at the time. Overdue books are not my thing. I check the receipt when I leave the library, I post it on the bulletin board when I get home, and, so as to absolutely avoid all possibility of a late return, I write the due date on the calendar. But with the constant swirl of movement, chatter and emotion of two small children, these things slip by me, unnoticed until it's too late.

Just the usual in our house. Why the kids were pulling books on home renovation and nineteenth century art off the book shelf is beyond me. I don't question it, I just put them back on the shelf. Eventually.

These are the beads from the birth necklace made by my friends and family before the birth of my son. Today he decided he wanted to wear. Once he had retrieved it by climbing on top of my dresser, my daughter pounced on it. You see the results here of the ensuing tug-o-war.

The door to the POD that arrived at my neighbor's house this morning. Silent and still, machined lines and color. Calming. I take a moment to myself while my husband finishes getting dinner on the table, then back into the noise and motion and scattered bits of everyday life of my family.

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  1. I'm sorry about the necklace but it makes a lovely shot. Seeing the pod must be sad though it helped with your project:)